Bonjour à toutes,

Cette page sera principalement écrite en anglais afin de permettre à toutes les filles de mon Birthday Month Group sur Facebook de pouvoir se sentir à l'aise sur cette page !! En espérant que vous comprenez !!

Hello everyone, 

I'm glad to welcome you to the only English page on my blog, but I wanted all of the birthday month group girls to feel comfotable reading this, 'cause I want the right gift ! HEHE!! (sorry I'm all excited!!)

Ok, here I go with the list, which is short, but will get longer I'm pretty sure !!

  • Bundle monster stamping plate (I don't have any, so you're welcome to choose which one!!)
  • 5 pieces dotting tool set
  • Nail art brushes set (only have 2 brushes)
  • Matte Top coat
  • Matte polish
  • Essie So teeny bikini full bottle (my mini is almost empty)
  • Messy Mansion stamping plate : A31, A39, M51, M60, M63, M65
  • Nailways      Snowwhite The Collection, Snowwhite Weather,Snowwhite Christmas, Snowwhite Traces, Snowwhite New Year
  • GALS Cosmetics
    Fairy Nail Stamping Set
    Princess Nail Stamping Set
  • Essence
                Twilight Breaking Dawn polish collection (or any other twilight movie collection you could find !!)

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